Hydrographics Tanks

Made in arguably the greatest place on planet earth, Great Britain, our hydrographics tanks are the mutts nuts.All components are sourced in England and wherever possible we use made in Britain parts because we believe this is necessary to help keep our country Great. Every bit of these hydrographics tanks are of the highest quality and are very easily replaced with parts sourced from local businesses. The pictured hydrographics tank is an example that is currently available for sale but we can make these tanks to order in any size. At Dip This Hydrographics we aim to bring you the highest quality hydrographics tanks at the right price. so our tanks can be hyper-customised, simplified and made to any size to accomodate most price ranges. This hydrographics tank is 2000mm x 1000mm x 700mm and comes sat in a stainless steel base with heavy duty castors with adjustable leg supports, a control panel, dam system, 3 3kw heaters, and a filter tray with highly effective filter foam.

Of course you get the hydrographics tank. Whatever size you have requested, with any of the added extras listed ready to fill with water, heat up and do some dipping. All our hydrographics tanks come with a very neat and tidy, stand alone control unit so you can position it wherever suits you for your dipping style. These hydrographics tanks have been developed by hydrographics professionals (us!). This means they have been made with how they operate in mind and to the highest standard. The heaters are not in the dipping side of our hydrographics tanks so no bubbles are created during the crucial part of the process. The heaters and pump can be operated separately, the dam system is highly versatile and can be removed to allow the maximum dipping area for larger parts. The pump has an isolation valve either side for easy maintenance. Both sides of our hydrographics tanks can be emptied independently for easy cleaning of the filter side. Our tanks also come with a stainless steel stand with adjustable legs and a frame underneath to support the bottom panel.

12 month warranty on all parts and the hydrographics tank itself due to usual wear and tear from the hydrographics procedure. As all parts are sourced in Great Britain they are readily available should any malfunction occur even after your warranty runs out. We will not, however, be held responsible for you using it as a hot tub and compromising the structural integrity of the hydroghraphics tank. These are made for dipping items in, not people no matter how enticing it may look on a warm sunny day.

We offer you customer support for 12 months after purchase to go with your hydrographics tank warranty. If you have any questions about your tank, the dipping process, what paints to use or even what our favourite washing up liquid brand and scent is we are only a phone call or an email away.

As an optional extra we offer half a day or a full day training with one of our experts in hydrographics and painting/lacquering to show you all the ins and outs and a few useful tips to help you on the road to successful dipping. This can be very beneficial for you if you are starting out with no experience in hydrographics. A lot of time and money can be saved as you won’t waste film, activator and painting accessories through mistakes that require sanding, re-painting and re-dipping.

When we sell you a hydrographics tank we dont stop there. We provide you with a litre of liquid activator and 5 square metres of any pattern of your choice that we have in stock. We can offer advice on what compressor and spray gun will work for you and help you set these up for optimized activation. Avoiding teething problems like over-atomisation of the activator etc.

Made from 304 grade stainless steel, TIG welded with rods of steel.
Tank Size: 2000mm x 1000mm x 750mm
Stainless steel stand with adjustable legs.
Dipping Surface Capacity: 1800mm x 1000mm
The 3 Backersafe, 3 kilowatt heaters are sat in 316 grade stainless steel sockets welded and tested for leaks, strength and sex appeal. Made in Great Britain and each given a separate contactor for safety and power usage optimisation. Fitted into the filtration side of the tank so the heat exchange does not interfere with the dipping tanks surface.
The electrical components in the control unit are Schneider & Hagar with an LAE thermostat. The probe is external and placed in stainless steel housing.
The pipework and fittings are British made, brass fittings and copper pipes.
PRICE: £3200
We can deliver and install your tank, set it up for you and give you and your work force half a days training if required. Price on application depending on location.
Contact us at sales@dipthis.co.uk for other sizes and availability.

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